Converting a VBA collection to a JavaScript array

Windows Scripting Host allows you to access VBA Collections which are used by many objects in the Excel object model such as ThisWorkbook.Worksheets. Unfortunately VBA collections are not JavaScript arrays so you don’t have access to some of the more useful polyfills. To get around this I loaded up the Array.from polyfill into my project and created the following function:

This will then give me the capability of doing the following with the Array.forEach polyfill.

Self cleaning Properties

The provides a useful way of managing the .properties files. However, if use the store() method the order does not get preserved and they add a time stamp resulting in a file that would be harder to put in version control after cleanup.

What I do is use the following code to do my cleanup so the properties are sorted and the time stamp which appears on the first line is removed…
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State of the blog

Recently I had made a few infrastructure changes on my personal blog server which is running inside a VirtualBox right now. The big changes were switching to use WP Super Cache, require SSL and the use of HTTP/2. Some minor ones I have done include support for AMP pages and started the use of a child theme for my styles. In addition, I had recently decided to cross post my Yelp reviews to my blog.
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Grand Noodle

Grand Noodle photo
505 Highway 7 E, Unit 50-53, Markham, ON

Ice-less HK Milk Tea. A picture of it piqued my curiosity for this place that I decided I wanted to come try this place the next time I had a free dinner slot.

Located in the west side of Commerce Gate you actually have more parking than you realize because it’s the furthest from the main entrance. So location in the plaza is good.

Since the Ice-less HK Tea is the only thing I knew about this restaurant aside from being a noodle house from the name, I didn’t know what else to expect.
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Pulling in someone else’s change in RTC

On a shared stream (bad idea to begin with) during development, you sometimes have to hold off delivering your changes as it may break the build. However, someone else on your team may need to take your change (even if it is incomplete) to get his work done. This post shows how to cherry pick an undelivered change set into your workspace.
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Removing Asides from the WordPress home page and feed

I recently made boo-boo causing an infinite loop with my WordPress and Twitter IFTTT recipe as such I had to delete a few items off my blog and feeds. The main reason was the addition of a the Ephemeral widget to track asides that you see on the right side of my blog posts.

I set up IFTTT to create an “aside” post on my blog whenever I tweet. I also set up my blog to post a twitter message whenever I make a new post. If you follow through the logic you can tell easily how that would turn into an infinite loop. To fix this I just need to make sure that aside post type gets excluded from my feed and I also want it off my home page.
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Markham Food Fest

Markham Food Fest photo
Metro Square Plaza, 3636 Steeles Avenue E, Markham, ON

This event is smaller than Night it Up which has one fringe benefit… it was less crowded. This venue provides no seating, so people come and go more readily. After the initial influx in the mornings and lunch hours the crowds quickly dissipate. I could tell since I can see the venue from my condo so I can choose an appropriate time to go.

One thing about the venue this time compared to some other time I *approached* it was the stinky tofu smell wasn’t too strong. I recall one time they had the smell so strong I just turned around once I reached the corner.

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