This is my second time to Rawlicious and the first time on this branch. Being a card carrying meatatarian places like this are rare feat for me. I only have on single vegan friend.

Though I won’t be sold on the vegan band wagon since I love my meats as well. This place is the bees knees for making veggies taste good.
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Manipulation of the media

There’s some recent news regarding how a person was charged for a fatal accident in Calgary. If you consider what had happened it does make sense, but consider two other factors:

It happened at 10:15 p.m. i.e. in the evening, so its dark.

From he article:

Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey with the Calgary Police Service traffic unit said witnesses recalled the overhead pedestrian crossing lights had not been activated at the time of the collision.

However, that’s not what’s at issue here. The issue is how media such as CBC and CTV can manipulate the message making the driver fully at fault by removing some facts from their article.
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Meteor Routing of sb-admin

Most non-trivial applications would have some form of views and routing between views is a general framework feature. For Meteor, we have Iron Router and Flow Router, they each have their own merits. For the sb-admin meteor port, I decided to choose iron-router just because I am more familiar with it. This post continues on with the port and integrates routing to the application.
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Arbitrary SQL during unit tests

When writing unit tests using Curam, it could be useful to inject some SQL to perform read and writes to the database, especially since the unit test would roll back database changes after the test. The actual JDBC java.sql.Connection connection object used during the test, can be retrieved using curam.util.transaction.TransactionInfo .getInfo().getInfoConnection() and operations against the database during the transaction can be performed on it.
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A Meteor Collection approach

In perusing the Meteor guide section on securing methods with validated-method I didn’t like the way clients had to implemented it and to use it as well. For one it’s not very OO and relies on the fact that you can change behaviour of any part of Ecmascript code. So I wrote up my own implementation that ended in tasks.js in Meteor boilerplate.
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Upgrading Meteor application from Angular 1.X to Angular 2.0

From Angular 2: Upgrading from 1.x.

Having an existing Angular 1 application doesn’t mean that we can’t begin enjoying everything Angular 2 has to offer. That’s because Angular 2 comes with built-in tools for migrating Angular 1 projects over to the Angular 2 platform.

This post shows how to upgrade an Meteor app using Angular 1.x (for this post I am using Meteor Boilerplate angular branch) to use Angular 2.0.
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